Top 5 female authors we want at our Christmas party

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They're successful, talented and oh so cool, so let's crack open a bottle...

These ladies are the definition of girl power - smart, successful, imaginative and gracious. If we were to have a fantasy literary Christmas dinner party these ladies would be at the very top of our list!

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J K Rowling

Yes, she wrote Harry Potter, which is pretty darn amazing. But she bounced back with a completely wizard-free book which was also rather good. She stood up for her children's rights in the Leveson Enquiry, gave the go-ahead for a Harry Potter theme park and proved to women everywhere that you can really go from 'rags to riches'.

J K Rowling

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Sylvia Day

The Bared to You author is responsible for some of the best erotic fiction we've ever read. She may have been published under the shadow of Fifty Shades of Grey, but her bold characters and great story lines are finally getting the recognition they deserve. No doubt Sylvia would have a few pearls of sexy wisdom if we met her at a party!

Ann Rice

The original vampire author who spawned a generation of sexy undead obsessed stories (Twilight, Vampire Diaries etc) would be our third guest of choice. We'd want to hear all about Lestat and what it felt like to have Interview With a Vampire turned into a movie starring Brad Pitt.

Ann Rice

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Malorie Blackman

Crafting teenage fiction that deals with issues of racism isn't necessarily an easy feat, but British author Malorie managed to do it in her amazing Noughts and Crosses series. We'd ask how she felt when Tinie Tempah rapped about her in his song, Written In The Stars!

Zadie Smith

She's a critically acclaimed author, her brother is a comedy rapper and she went to Cambridge University. She's published four books, most notably On Beauty, that explores mixed raced families, US and UK culture clashes and the nature of beauty. Question number one for Zadie would be 'how can we be as cool as you?'.

Zadie Smith

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