Kevin Jonas reveals all about his new reality show, Married To Jonas

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The pop star talks about why he and wife Danielle let the cameras into their lives...

Kevin and Dani Jonas

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Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle Jonas are the newest couple to join the E! family.

As one part of the band The Jonas Brothers, Kevin is living in the hectic world of a modern pop star. When he married down -to-earth Danielle, the pair realised just how much work they have to do in order to try and maintain a normal marriage and make their house a home.

The series' inaugural season focuses on Kevin and Dani's evolving relationship with each other and their respective in-laws, all while taking on the challenges of Kevin's demanding career.

With his famous brother Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas popping up throughout the show, we love getting a look at the lives of this famous family.

We spoke to the lovely Kevin to see how he's feeling about the new show...

Hi Kevin, how did the show come about?
It's funny because I've actually been asked to do a reality show in the past and always declined. But I met with Ryan Seacrest recently and he asked me again, and we decided, you know – why not?

As part of such a famous band, did you have reservations about revealing so much of your personal life?
At first yes, but then then we decided why not? I was more worried for Dani as she's shy and quite reserved and doesn't really enjoy the public appearances that come with my job. So we took a long time to come to the decision to do the show and she's been great. She's really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to our fans seeing her and getting to know her a little bit because she truly is the most amazing and wonderful person.

Were you nervous to have your marriage filmed by a TV crew?
No not really. It was strange at first to have cameras in our house and following us everywhere, but you really do get use to very quickly and almost forget they're there which is quite bizarre. I was a little nervous if we were having a disagreement or an argument about something but that's reality so you have to include it. We're not perfect and we don't always agree. We're a pretty normal couple who have their ups and downs.

Was it weird to watch your life back through the eyes of the camera lens?
Yes it was. It's amazing how many things you say or do that you completely forget saying. I remember watching some parts, thinking "I didn't say that", but I had and completely forgotten about it. It's kind of weird really.

Yourself and your brothers did a film about going on tour, how was filming the series different for you?
I guess it's different because it's focusing on the music and your job, rather than your whole life and your relationship and your in-laws. But my family and Dani's family are in the show and you see my brothers and I working in the studio, so in some ways it's similar. It's really exciting time right now.

How did your brothers react when you told them about the show?
They were really supportive as were my parents and Dani's family. They all appear on the show so you see the family dynamics which is quite funny at times.

Are you hoping to open people's eyes about yourself, Dani and your brothers through the show?
I hope so. I hope people will have a little insight to our lives and enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making the show.

So many girls would love to be married to their favourite singer, does the show help reveal the realities of being married to a pop star?
When Dani and I met she didn't really know so I was so it wasn't as if she had my poster on her wall or anything like that. We met on holiday and it was love at first sight. In terms of revealing the realities of being married to a pop star you do see what it's like in our lives juggling home life and my career with the band and rehearsals and tours and stuff.

Are you hoping to be an inspiration for other young couples?
That would be great wouldn't it? You know the show is more of an insight into our lives and our families. If other young couples find inspiration from seeing us then that's truly amazing. I would love it if people thought we were inspirational to them and had an positive impact on their lives.

Do you hope to have the same success as a family as say the Kardashians?
Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a phenomenal success and Dani and I love the show. They are a crazy family, with so much drama, I love it and I think they're great. I don't know if we will be as successful as them as our lives are so different so as long as people enjoy our show, we'll be happy.

What has reaction to the show been like so far?
It has been so positive, it's amazing. Our fans have been great as always and we just feel so lucky.

How many more seasons of the show would you like to do?
I've really not thought that far in advance. If we could do a second season that would be great. We really had so much fun doing this season and it's really fun to watch yourself back, albeit a bit cringeworthy at times as well.

What has been your favourite moment from the show?
That's a tough question, we've really enjoyed so much of this experience. I think for me having Dani be more in the spotlight instead of in the background has been great. She's so shy and hates the spotlight so I loved that people got to see her and just how truly amazing and wonderful she is. She's the sweetest most thoughtful person I know and the response she has had has been great.

Thanks and good luck with everything!
Thank you, we hope you enjoy watching the show.

Married To Jonas is on Sundays 10pm only on E!.



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