Protect your iPhone 5 from dreaded scratches

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Keep your precious mobile in tip top condition...

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The iPhone 5 is an expensive bit of kit, and a smashed screen or scratched sides can bring a grown woman to tears.

Fear not, Agent Hollie Brown from Geek Squad, the technology partner of Carphone Warehouse, is on hand with her top tips to keep your lovely iPhone looking amazing...

Invest in a cover

The iPhone 5 casing is made from aluminum and ceramic glass (white model) or pigmented glass (black model).

Keys, hair brushes and loose change rattling around the bottom of your bag can leave marks or scratches on the casing of you iPhone 5.

Investing in a phone cover will help to prevent those unwanted to scratches on the vulnerable parts.

Avoid liquids at all costs

If it's raining don't take your phone out unless it's covered by your umbrella as even the slightest drop of water can damage it.

Steam from showers and baths can also do serious damage to an iPhone 5 so it's best not to use them to listen to music when you're in the bath or shower.

Also beware leaving it on the table in a bar - spilt vodka and phones are not a winning combination.

Invest in a screen protector

The iPhone 5 screen has been increased to a 4 inch display, with a colour boost and 18 % more pixels. It's also HD and images, games and videos are more vivid and lifelike than ever before.

Getting a screen protector is a brilliant investment and will make sure your screen stays in top condition by warding off fingerprints, scuffs and scratches.

Download a tracker app in case your phone gets stolen

Thankfully, it's now possible to track your handset using some magic app-related technology.

Geek Squad's Get it Back software or Apple's Find My iPhone app will help you track down your phone and disable it remotely should the worst happen and it gets lost or stolen.

Consider getting insurance

Before your handset becomes friends with your keys, bottle of water, change or you drop it on the footpath, it's worth investing in an insurance package.

Also, make sure you check the details of your insurance package some insurers can take a few weeks to get your phone back to you.

If you need further advice on how to look after your iPhone 5, you can pop in to see a Geek Squad Agents in selected Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK, and get hands-on help with protecting your device.




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