How to avoid driving home for Christmas rage

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Channel some festive zen on your car journey home this year...

Chris Rea driving home for Christmas

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The roads are going to be packed this weekend with people heading home to be with their family for Christmas.

But if driving home for Christmas is going to fill you with rage, follow our calming tips for a pleasant start to your holiday…

Get some sleep

Don't drive home after a late night out. Everyone gets cranky when they've not topped up on sleep, making those motorway queues even more infuriating. You will also be putting yourself and passengers at risk by getting in the car sleepy.

Be prepared

Make sure you have everything you need to keep you going – a bottle of water, that essential bag of Murray Mints, your favourite mix tape. And make sure you go to the toilet before you leave the house!

Check out your route

The marvels of social media means that you can know exactly what the road situ is like before setting off. Save yourself some aggro by doing a quick twitter search or check the Highways Agency app (free) in advance.

Remember! You are not the target

Everyone on the road is not out to wind you up. That Renault Megane is not erratically breaking to annoy you, that Porsche did not overtake to show up your car – everyone is just trying to make it home the same as you. Chill.

Practice kindness

The road is a delicate eco-system. If you drive eratically and annoy someone else, they are likely to start swearing and take it out on the next driver. Let's keep it kind this Christmas folks and we'll all get home happier.

Think festive thoughts

Indulge in a spot of nostalgia to keep you smiling. Tell funny anecdotes from Christmases past, think about what you're most looking forward to or just imagine that turkey. Hours will fly by.

Swap banging tunes for Christmas classics

People with aggressive music playing, drive more aggressively. Simple. Relax with some happy Christmas melodies to keep you smiling all the way home. A bit of Chris Rea should do it...

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