'Work it Out' and get active with Coca-Cola's new fitness tool

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You don't need an expensive gym membership to stay healthy with Coca-Cola's innovate new online calculator....

Coca Cola work it out
Despite good intentions, over a third of Brits admit they don't have time to be as active as they'd like to be. Having enough motivation to stick to a fitness regime and affording a gym membership are two of the biggest barriers to staying fit according to research by Coca-Cola.

But now the fizzy drinks brand has launched an online tool to show how much exercise you would need to do to burn off your sweet treat.

The tool lets you chose the sort of activity you want to do so it fits round your daily life. Busy

Mums can pick the 'Around the home' section to discover how much cleaning, ironing and gardening is needed to burn off their lunch with the girls, while young professionals can pick the 'Rainy Day' tab to make the most of a wet weekend.

It's really easy to use and a great tool to help you balance your 'energy input' and 'energy output' on a daily basis. Click here to see it in action.

Here are some of our favourite calorie calculations....

To burn 200 calories you can...Play badminton for 34 minutes, squash for 16 minutes, walk the dog for 42 minutes or climb the stairs for 28 minutes!
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