The Caroline Flack dating debate - how young would you go?

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What are your thoughts on dating younger men, and how low would you go?

Caroline flack dating debate - how young would you go?
There is just no end to the abuse for poor Caroline Flack. Despite her brief relationship with younger man Harry Styles ending at the beginning of the year - we just can not let it drop! But why are we all so bothered?

The host of Xtra Factor was 32 when her and the 17-year-old One Direction star got together, causing something short of national outcry.

Talking to Look magazine, the presenter said she was shocked by the backlash: "I'm surprised - it's tough. I didn't kill someone, I just went out with someone younger."

Having suffered continual abuse on Twitter and the recent fanzine voodoo doll slagging her off in the States - it appears we just can not let it go.

However, most of the abuse seems to be coming from other women. So what's our beef and where's our sense of sisterly solidarity?

Is it because we morally disagree with older women going out with younger men (and would we have been so outraged if Olly Murs had hooked up with one of Little Mix?) 

Are we secretly jealous that Caroline acted on what we were all thinking or do we just plain not like Caroline Flack? (Harsh).

Or is it simply that the age gap was just too big?

We're going to open it up to the floor - how young would you go?

Fill out our poll below to let us know what age gap would be ok with you. We'll let you know the results. Go on, you know you want to...

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