Kristen Stewart bares her boobs in leaked clip from On The Road

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She sets about making a naked Garrett Headland very happy man in the scene too. Blimey!

Kristen Stewart boobs story
Kristen Stewart's bouncing bare breasts have taken over the internet, thanks to a leaked clip from new film On The Road.

Though the movie's raunchy sex scenes have been much talked about, with a two-man threesome being the talk of Cannes Film Festival, this is the first frontal nude shot to grace the eyes of the public.

And what a shot it is!

In the leaked scene, we see a topless Kristen sandwiched between co-stars Garrett Headland and Sam Riley, while driving down a dusty track.

Appearing to be giving Headland a cheeky treat while showing off her bod, Kristen looks impressively uninhibited.

Though, considering she reportedly had to get naked on the very first day of filming, we imagine she got quite used to it pretty quickly!

So here it is - a first look at Kristen's toplessness in the sex and drug-fuelled On The Road...

What do you think? Looking forward to the film?

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