Tom Hardy admits he gets 'deeply affected' by characters he plays

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In The Dark Knight Rises, he plays evil villain Bane - and his fiancee Charlotte had to deal with him while he prepared...

There's only so much sympathy I can give Tom Hardy's fiancee Charlotte Riley.

Being engaged to a hot and talented man isn't all bad, I'd imagine, but Tom's been talking about the process he goes through to play the tough characters he takes on…

And apparently it's not all easy for those around him.

Tom told US Elle:

"[When I bulk up] she says I take up more of the bed. And I’m harder to turn over when I’m snoring…

"Some characters are nicer to have at home than others, Charlotte says. It’s hard to shake it all out. There’s a decompression period back to civilian and family life.

"I’ve only just realised that, actually.

"We’ve had six months with nothing to do but prep for the next project and be at home and be a family, and I realised how deeply affected I can be by a character, and how much work it takes to just be at home and be present."

Don't worry, Tom. I have a feeling if it was THAT bad, Charlotte wouldn't still be there…
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