Chloë Sevigny to play transsexual assassin

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Oscar-nominated actress, Chloë Sevigny says she understands why she was picked for transgender role

Chloe Sevigny plays pre-op transsexual assassin
No stranger to off-beat roles, Chloë Sevigny is set to play transgender contract killer, Mia, in Sky Atlantic's new series Hit and Miss.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Chloë said she understood why she had been chosen: "I have some masculine features. I've seen myself on screen and look quite masculine. I could see why they wanted me for this part. But I wasn't offended," explained the American actress.

Known for her indie and controversial roles, Chloë has starred in American Psycho, Dogville and was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe for her part in Boys Don't Cry.

This new challenge sees her adopt an Irish accent and she also had to wear to genital prosthetics for the nude scenes.

Written by Shameless creator Paul Abbot, the new six part series follows Mia as she discovers she has a son and must take over being a parent to him and his siblings after the death of their mother.

Hit and Miss begins May 22nd, on Sky Atlantic 
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