Kim Kardashian's crazy eyes in Vogue spread

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We're sorry to ruin this dream come true Vogue shoot for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but looking at the new pictures, we can't stop seeing crazy eyes.

kim kardashian and kanye west vogue magazine - fluffy wedding dress -

© Twitter / Kanye West

Was Kim Kardashian perhaps a little nervous on her Vogue shoot? While posing up a storm with Kanye West and baby North for Anna Wintour's April issue, Kim's eyes were doing something a little weird.

Take this romantic moment for example. Intense.

kim kardashian and kanye west vogue shoot - kim and kanye kissing - kim kardashian eyes -

© Annie Leibovitz/

Or this cosy little family scene. Wow.

Selfie concentration face. Serious.

Yes we're being knit-picky and yes, of course we'd be be nervous if Anna Wintour asked us to pose in our bedroom. But the more we look at these pics, the more it's making us chuckle. Can't deny she looks amazing in that feathery wedding dress though!

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