Cheryl tells Cher to pipe down

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When Cher Lloyd accused Cheryl Cole of relying on autotune, her former X Factor mentor hit back fast.

As if we didn't have enough evidence that Cher Lloyd's grating arrogance is going to get her in trouble - as well as continue to annoy me beyond belief - now Cheryl Cole has had to step in.

Yes, Cher's former X Factor mentor hit out at her mini-me yesterday, after Cher's brain-to-mouth connection failed again.

Let's face it, Cheryl's not afraid to bite back on Twitter - just ask MC Harvey - so when she heard Cher had slagged her off by saying that she autotunes her performances, Cheryl wasn't too impressed.

During an interview with Real Radio, Cher said she'd perform with Cheryl only if "she sings live with me", before going on to say that it's not easy without that "magic button" aka autotune.

Cheryl then tweeted:

"Be Careful who you kick on your way up...

"They kick you twice as hard on your way back down. #unappreciationisugly"

Sounds like Cher could be in for a kicking…

She hit out at Louis too.

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