My New Year's resolutions for 2012 are...

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This year I'll mostly be learning a new language, taking a creative writing course and going running...

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Every year I set myself the same resolutions (pay off my overdraft, give up dairy, only drink 10 units of alcohol a week) and every year I fail spectacularly. So this year, it's all about self-improvement. I'm going to set myself resolutions that I'm actually going to stick to and will leave me with a sense of achievement next December.

1)    I'm going to learn a foreign language

I haven't actually studied anything since I left university, so it will be interesting to see if I can actually stick at this one. I went to South America last year, and I'd love to go back, so learning Spanish could prove to be really useful as well.

2)    I'm going to go on a creative writing course

Everyone thinks they've got a book inside them, don't they? I think I need a bit of professional help to unlock mine - next year's New Year's resolution will probably to actually write it!

3)    I'm going to meet my best friend for breakfast once a fortnight without fail

As we get older I see my best friend less and less - we both have busy jobs and conflicting schedules, and sometimes a whole month will go by without us seeing each other. Which is why, once a fortnight, I'm going to set my alarm an hour earlier, and meet her for breakfast before work.

4)    I'm going to start running properly.

I really enjoy running when I actually do it, but I lack the motivation to drag myself out of bed on dark winter morning and start doing it regularly enough to actually make a difference. I'm singing myself up for a half marathon in the spring in  the hope that sheer terror will get me moving. First stop will be to check out our get going guide to how to start running.

 5)  I'm going to bring my lunch into work three days out of five

Ok this one is slightly related to my continual resolution to pay off my overdraft - I spent at least £30 a week on five not particularly nice sandwiches when instead I could be eating something much tastier and cheaper that I've made myself. Better start stocking up on Tupperware. Here's how to make your own healthy packed lunches.

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