Prince William sings Bon Jovi at royal wedding

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He performed karaoke at Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall's wedding.

It's no secret that Prince Harry's my top prince, but I have to say I was swayed a little by recent reports that Prince William rocked out at the royal wedding this weekend.

While Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall opened with a crowd-pleasing - but, let's face it, dull - Abba medley, Wills was there ready to take the mic and bring some Bon Jovi to the table. Oh yes, he went for classic tune Livin' On A Prayer...

The Mirror reports that he was ready to show them his vocal...  talents...  even in front of Mike's tough rugby mates, and even had some rock poses to show off to the crowd at the reception:

"William really let his hair down - he was the life and soul of the party, even compared to Mike's rugby mates.

"It's pretty daunting to get up in front of all those people but he was really in the mood, posing with the microphone and dancing as he sang.

"He had the personality to carry it off. Kate stood a few yards away grinning, cheering, and clapping along."

Was she grinning though? Really? Or grimacing. Cheering? Or jeering.

I place my bets on the second...

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