Waissel and Wagner go amid drugs scandal

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Katie Waissell and Wagner Carrilho are the latest acts to be voted off the X Factor amid claims of drug use by one of this year's contestants.

Wagner Carrilho

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Katie Waissel and Wagner became the latest contestants to be voted off this year's X Factor last night. Waissel was sent home after receiving the lowest number of public votes, while Wagner left after losing out to Mary Byrne in a sing-off.

"I just feel so grateful to have got this far and I hope I've inspired people that no matter how many knocks you get, you put your head up and smile," Katie told the audience after being given the news, while host Dermot O'Leary said, "This girl has been through hell. Give it up for her."

When it came to the judges votes, Louis Walsh, both Wagner and Mary Byrne's mentor, decided to send home the Brazilian, as did Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole. While Simon Cowell hinted at a public conspiracy to keep Wagner in, before he too decided to save Mary Byrne.

"You've been a great sport. But why I'm happy with the result is because there are people out there trying to derail this show and now the control is back in the public's hands," Cowell explained. "No offence to you, Wagner."

"Like a bat out of hell, I'll be gone, gone, gone," Wagner replied. "I loved every moment that I spent here and I think I have achieved so much and I am so pleased that, you know. I am very happy, and I miss my cat very much."

However, last night's show played out under shadows of allegations that Wagner had received "a constant supply" of cannabis to ITV's studios during his time on the show. Over the weekend, the Mirror quoted an unnamed drug dealer who claimed Carrilho had given him a friends and family pass to the studio so that he could regularly provide him with drugs.

"He asked me if I could get him any. He said he was getting really stressed out by the show and cannabis helped him relax," the dealer claimed. "He also said it gave him extra creativity when he performed. He even said he liked to have a spliff when he went on his morning jog."

Shortly before yesterday's show a spokesman for the X Factor released a statement. "We take allegations of drug-taking extremely seriously, and we will be speaking to Wagner."
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