Does this recording mean Zayn Malik has cheated on Perrie Edwards?

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The singer can be allegedly be heard telling girls to come to his hotel room...

Zayn Malik performing in Sydney

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Ooo this looks bad…or should we say this sounds bad!

Zayn Malik has already had to fight rumours that he's cheated on Little Mix girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

Earlier in the year, a recording was released that had been filmed through a hotel peep hole which hinted that he had a few fans in his hotel room during a US promotional tour.

Now another recording has popped up which lets us listen to an alleged phone call between the singer and some American ladies about how they can get up to the hotel room he shares with Harry Styles.

We have to say this does sound like Zayn but who knows when the call was made and whether the girls even got into the hotel!

Plus they could always have been there for Harry not Zayn.

Have a listen below and let us know what you think…

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