PISCES (18 February - 19 March)

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Day, week, month - the stars reveal all

Olivia Palermo is effortlessly glam in maxi Dior dress

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Your stars for today...

Your usual confidence might not be at its full strength today, so beware of wading into confrontations. You'd be wise to keep yourself to yourself today, while you shrug off whatever is bringing you down.

What's happening this February?

The demands of friends could test your patience at the start of this month, but try not to make problems bigger than they already are. The 12th brings some light relief, while everyone should come round to your way of thinking after the 22nd.

Celeb Match - Olivia Palermo (28 Feb 1986)
Sexscope - Indulge his fantasies
Stylescope – Power dressing
Shopscope - Geek chic gadgets
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