LIBRA (24 September - 23 October)

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Day, week, month - the stars reveal all

Dannii Minogue

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Your stars for today...

There's a positive energy surrounding you today, and whether it's yourself generating it or not, your whole day is set to benefit. If you can harness the positive vibe, you'll accomplish more today than you ever imagined.

What's happening this February?

Get ready to party because this month, Librans are feeling good! You're social magnetism will peak around the 17th, and you'll be in high demand. Come the end of the month it'd be wise to spend some time reflecting on your goals. Plans need to be laid.

Celeb Match – Dannii Minogue (20 October 1971)
Sexscope - Take the lead
Stylescope - Subtle shimmer
Shopscope - Daring decor
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