PISCES (18 February - 19 March)

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Day, week, month - the stars reveal all

Olivia Palermo is effortlessly glam in maxi Dior dress

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Your stars for today...

Though you're a practical person at heart, it's time to put having fun at the forefront. The more serious matters can wait for a few days at least, surely?

What's happening this January?

Though domestic irritations prove difficult this month, by the 18th all disputes will have been resolved. Don't back away from challenges this month, you'll have a golden opportunity to prove to others just what you're made of. The 26th will bring some unexpected news, but take time to consider it before reacting rashly.

Celeb Match - Olivia Palermo (28 Feb 1986)
Sexscope - Indulge his fantasies
Stylescope – Power dressing
Shopscope - Geek chic gadgets
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