GEMINI (20 May - 20 June)

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Day, week, month - the stars reveal all

Carey Mulligan

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Your stars for today...

If you thought some time spent ignoring those financial concerns might help ease the pain, you were sadly mistaken. But seek some help from a cash savvy friend today, and you'll soon see how to dodge the red.

What's happening this January?

Romantic woes will melt away this month, leaving you feeling fresh and ready for some fun. By the 12th a new admirer will make themselves known – get ready to explore unchartered territories. The end of the month will see a conflict with a work colleague, but stick to your guns and it'll soon blow over. It's time to stand your ground.

Celeb Match – Carey Mulligan (28 May 1985)
Sexscope - Share a candlelit bath
Stylescope – High street handbags
Shopscope - Kitchen treats
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