VIRGO (22 August – 21 September)

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Day, week, month - the stars reveal all

Blake Lively wedding dress

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Your stars for today...

Your sound advice helps somebody close today. But be careful not to neglect your own concerns amid helping others. Our own advice can sometimes be the hardest to take.

What's happening this January?

Though important arrangements all seem to be landing in your lap, your organisational skills are more than up to the task. Remember to consider all eventualities after the 10th, to avoid an accidental mix-up. Romance is set to bloom after the 16th with some added surprise and excitement. It's often the quite ones you need to watch.

Celeb Match – Blake Lively (25 Aug 1987)
Sexscope - Perfect the striptease
Stylescope – Go for elegant emerald
Shopscope - Fresh organic food
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