PISCES (18 February - 19 March)

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Day, week, month - the stars reveal all

Your stars for the festive season (Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve)

Your big chance will come to make someone take notice... You can be sure that a powerful character is listening to you, and despite the frantic pace of life you'll see new openings at work as well as at play… This Yuletide it's wise to take tips from those your trust even though the festivities have become something of a personal mission. Someone shows their genuine regard for you. On New Year's Eve you can make a splash, yet remember you can't always have it your way…

What's happening this December?

When everyone is letting their hair down, you'll be offered the chance to fulfil a major aspiration. Don't run away from what looks like hard work, as the rewards will be well worth the extra effort...After the 8th you are an interactive dynamo and can use your people skills to have sexy fun and gain professional headway. You are entitled to show just how unique you are and enjoy it. By the 24th you'll have cracked a riddle that has had an impact on your work/life balance.

Celeb Match - Olivia Palermo (28 Feb 1986)
Sexscope - Indulge a favourite fantasy...
Stylescope – Romantic party dresses
Shopscope - An exquisite Christmas tree fairy
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