AQUARIUS (21 Jan - 19 Feb)

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Day, week, month - the stars reveal all

Christmas Tree

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Your stars for the festive season (Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve)

All kinds of offers and proposals seem irresistible, although it pays to prioritise now. This Christmas week you'll reconnect with old pals and may well make new ones. By the 30th you deserve a break from all the crazy antics. As you really get into the holiday spirit you can expect good will between your partner and other people, although someone's moody side will prove to be a revelation. This festive season you are inventive with your cash, just don't push yourself too hard.

What's happening this December?

Your gift for making friends and influencing people is at a premium this month. Make the most of all those extra social invitations without burning out. It is tempting to play just a bit too hard. Networking makes waves in more ways than one and it is clear you are admired by someone in a position of authority. This may not be strictly platonic, so be sure the prize is one you want to win... By the 25th you'll be involved in a balancing act between love and friendship

Celeb Match –Isla Fisher (3 Feb 1976)
Sexscope – Make him massage your mind
Stylescope – Shimmering metallic
Shopscope – Geeky gadgets
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