CAPRICORN (21 December - 18 January)

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Day, week, month - the stars reveal all

mince pie
Your stars for the festive season (Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve)

You are able to attract all the attention you might desire in the run-up to this Christmas. However, a drama on the sidelines - and distracting gossip – needs to be given a wide berth. By Boxing Day being on dazzling form helps lift pressure off you and your loved-ones. Before you know it you'll enjoy party-time as the festive spirit kicks off even more. By the 31st the celebrations become truly intriguing when secrets are told. You can be the belle of the ball, but don't get drawn into backbiting...

What's happening this December?

A waiting and watching phase is essential whilst you decide exactly how you want to play the festive game this year. It is intriguing, and entertaining, to realise how much you can learn by observing. At the same time you are firing on all cylinders so can make it your mission to assume a leadership role for business and/or pleasure. By the 22nd you'll have solved a mystery involving gossip on the sidelines; you'll also be unmissable at the centre of the action.

Celeb Match– Helena Christensen (25 Dec 1968)
Sexscope – A marathon love-in
Stylescope – English Country styling
Shopscope – Authentic Christmas trimmings
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