SAGITTARIUS (23 November - 21 December)

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Day, week, month - the stars reveal all

Stocking for Sarah

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Your stars for the festive season (Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve)

You may be rushed off your feet, yet now you are starting to enjoy the holiday mood. While you are keeping all those balls in the air, you'll also be at the threshold of a personal breakthrough. But even more practical steps are needed so that the good times really roll on Christmas Day. Casual words will have deeper meaning than you may first imagine. The run up to the New Year will show that personal growth has been your best gift. You'll also know that family fights are futile…

What's happening this December?

Centre stage beckons so be prepared for steamy attention when you make an entrance. At a deeper level December means seeking authentic levels of self-fulfilment. So be true to yourself, without riding roughshod over others of course. From the 11th it's wise to double check the facts before you make any grand gestures especially with money; this involves some shrewd Christmas shopping. By the holidays you'll be knocked for six by a close ally's revelation.

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