CANCER (21 June - 21 July)

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Day, week, month - the stars reveal all

Christmas Tree

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Your stars for the festive season (Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve)

There is so much to accomplish and yet there are helping hands you may have overlooked so far. Throughout the holiday period take advantage of the support on offer. You may have been chasing your tail to get things done, but solutions to problems are on their way. By the 29th the spotlight falls on loved-ones and someone makes you feel great. A cunning time-saver will be an eye opener as your preparations for New Year's Eve celebrations take off. Extreme measures can work best...

What's happening this December?

It seems that many arrangements are falling to you, and you'll excel as long as you practice the art of delegation... It becomes clear that someone close to your heart wants to hear your views and to understand your feelings, although crossed wires could easily occur after the 11th. You have the dynamism to inspire everyone around you, and by Christmas will have family members on side. Expect to learn an extraordinary lesson in self-awareness too.

Celeb Match – Lindsay Lohan (02 July 1976)
Sexscope - Candlelit baths
Stylescope – Cable knits
Shopscope - Gourmet Christmas goodies
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