TAURUS (19 April - 19 May)

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Day, week, month - the stars reveal all

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Your stars for the festive season (Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve)

You are about to solve an ongoing personal dilemma, however frivolous the festive mood is. Conversations about resources are almost inevitable and imply a fresh start in various areas even when you are taking time out to chill. Enjoy some unexpected celebrations within the seasonal mix, and encounters under the mistletoe may be especially racy. Shared confidences by Boxing Day are perfectly designed to blow your mind. On the 31st you are much admired, and remember at all times that money needn't be a dirty word...

What's happening this December?

Romantic life may be an enigma at times, yet there is no doubt you have a magnetic appeal. Make the most of this when invitations start to come your way at a fast and furious pace. However, from midmonth it is wise to reflect before automatically accepting offers. During the festivities some indulgence could get out of hand...Only by the end of December will you figure out exactly how to express yourself to someone who is can make you feel like a goddess.

Celeb Match – Lily Cole (19 May 1988)
Sexscope - Aphrodisiac festive food
Stylescope – A fur-trimmed seasonal siren
Shopscope - A super-soft sofa
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