Everything you need to know about Fifty Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan

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Learn more about underwear model Jamie Dornan, but you can call him Christian Grey.

Jamie Dornan

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Hunky Jamie Dornan may have been second choice to play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but he's number one on the hubba hubba scale (yes that's a thing).

But who is he really, deep down? We need to know the facts...

Who is Jamie Dornan?

1. He looks amazing in pants

We don't mean to objectify the boy - but phwoar. The actor is also a Calvin Klein underwear model (having worked with Eva Mendes on a campaign) and has posed for the likes of Dior and Armani. Not too shabby.

2. He's Irish

Born in Holywood, County Down. He has two sisters, his Dad is a obstetrician his mother sadly passed away when he was a teenager.

3. He's a bit of a stud

Dornan used to go out with Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller and has been linked to Lindsay Lohan and even Kate Moss. You dark horse you.

4. He loves rugby

And originally wanted to play rugby professionally - after being a winger for the Belfast Harlequins. He even dropped out of university to focus on the sport, but after that didn't work out he ended up pulling pints in a pub in London.

5. He's musical

Jamie was in a folk band called Sons of Jim up until 2008 and has supported KT Tunstall on tour. Have a listen:

6. Unfortunately, he is off the market

Sorry to burst the bubble, but he is married to actress and singer Amelia Warner (Colin Farrell's ex wife coincidentally), and the couple have just had their first child - a bouncing baby girl. Awwww.

7. You may know him from...

Dornan first appeared in Sofia Coppola's film Marie Antoinette - and has since appeared in ABC drama Once Upon A Time and has been starring alongside X Files star Gillian Anderson as a serial killer in Northern Irish drama series, The Fall.

He hated modelling

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Dornan revealed that despite having success as a Calvin Klein model, he didn't really enjoy it. "I've never felt massively satisfied from standing there while someone takes my photograph. It's never given me a thrill."

Dornan likes to swear

Speaking in an interview, he said he was pleased when he got his break into acting in The Fall, "But I feel like I f*cking earned it. I worked my d*ck off for that role."

He hates the paparazzi

"F*cking hell, [the paparazzi] are cretins. I couldn't have less respect for those guys," he told the Evening Standard.

"There are so many ways to make a living that don't involve hiding in bushes opposite houses of 18-year-old girls with a camera in your hand. That's not making a living, that's making a choice to be a perverted f*ckhead."

Laters baby...



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