New York Marathon Blog Week 6: Attempting a 20 mile run

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A practical look at the daily training required to run the New York marathon in under 10 weeks...

New York Marathon training blog

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I have to admit, fitting 5 training runs into a week is sometimes tough. This week I just couldn't do it, so prioritised my long run, as well as my 'speed workout' and decided that Sunday deserved rest and recovery.

After promising myself that I would include more weights and stretching this week, sadly it didn't happen either, so that's next week's challenge too. A running diary probably would be a good idea to note down my planned runs and classes after it all seemed to go awry this week.

Week 6 Workouts:

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 40 mins @ 9.40 pace (on the oldest treadmill I have ever seen at a hotel gym. It made an odd noise all the way through, so a lot of loud music on my iPod was required).

Wednesday - 25 Minute Interval Incline Treadmill Workout

I find running at one speed on the treadmill incredibly boring, so keep it interesting, mix up speeds, inclines and rests. Pinterest is a great place to find treadmill workouts to follow.

Thursday - 7 Miles

Last time I was training for a marathon, the furthest I ran during the week was 5 miles - so fitting in longer mileage during the week is something I'm finding tough. I prefer to get my workouts and runs done in the morning, but getting up so early that it's still dark really limits the safe areas to go, so I either need to pace it along well lit roads or find a running buddy! This run was a warm up, 2 x 3 miles @ 9.30 pace, with a 4 min break after each set, followed by a cool down.

Friday - Rest

Saturday - 20 Miles

This was my first 20 miler of this training season - typically during marathon training runners complete one or two 20 mile training runs. I have a 20-22 miler on my training plan in a few weeks time. These really long runs are great for testing out your trainers, fuel and pace for the marathon. I get through the long runs by breaking them down in my mind into blocks, for example I fuelled every 5 miles, so broke the run into quarters. Running with a friend, we kept our pace at a 10.20 min mile average pace.

Sunday- Rest/Stay in bed with the lurgie...

...dosing up on vitamin C and hoping that this illness doesn't take hold. Bleugh.

Total Mileage: about 35

Things I've learnt this week:

• It's worth getting up early and running around London to enjoy the quiet streets and the beautiful sunrise views.

• Practice how you're going to fuel during your marathon, and try out different gels, sweets, bars to find out what works for you. I thought I would hate gels, but I actually find Gu gels work really well for me (but avoid the blackberry flavour - disgusting).

• I know which shoes I'm going to run the NYC marathon in- after wearing my Adidas Boosts on my 20 miler, I know they are right for the big day. They are fairly new, but I have enough time to break them in fully before the big day. Never wear new trainers on marathon day, or trainers with too many miles in them (they suggest between 300-500 miles max.)

Charlotte is running the New York Marathon with 2.09 events, they still have places to run the NYCM with them this year if you want to join her.

You can also follow her progress on, and Twitter @charliedwatson



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