Jane's blog: Social networks, spreadsheets and finalising the guest list

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Should my second cousin who I haven't seen in six years be invited to the party?

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After quaffing numerous bottles of champagne over a number of weeks, the realities of organising a wedding soon started to kick in.

People started asking about dates, budgets, guest lists, bridesmaids and my head was beginning to hurt. Mr M and I decided that the best place to start planning was with a guest list so we could plan our budget and start saving.

So it was down to business. Out comes excel and a monster of a spreadsheet was born. Mr M simply gets out his phone and reels off a list of 20 names. Done. My list on the other hand is a different story altogether. Out comes the address book, up pops Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hotmail, Google Plus and all other social networks you could possibly imagine.

For a socially connected girl like myself, I had to cover all bases. Mr M's face dropped as I started to type in names and the inevitable happened..... "I'm not paying £60 a head for your 2nd cousin once removed to feast on good food all day long".

He had a point. Going through the list of 300 names and whittling them down to a more respectable number was actually quite refreshing. Just because I went to Angela's wedding 6 years ago and hadn't spoken to her since does not mean she gets a free-ticket to our all day drink-fest. Oh no.

Eventually we whittled the list down to a respectable 60 in the day time and 120 for the evening reception. And worked out on our chosen budget, it still made our heads roll.

Adding to that was the list of things you need at your wedding as recommended by a wedding magazine and we were almost crying with laughter when we totted up our total budget required.

I think we shall be having what is affectionately known as a 'budget wedding'. Time to start saving!

Jane Shackleton is getting married in March 2015. Read about her wedding planning in Bridal Bible every Monday.
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