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Rihanna the Bond girl? Robbie Williams slams Jessie J? Peaches Geldof pregnant?

Rihanna at Victoria's Secret arrivals, wearing Miu Miu

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We've kept our eye out for all the biggest rumours of the day and served up all the juicy gossip right here...

1. Rihanna to be the next Bond girl?

Daniel Craig has said he would want Rihanna to be a Bond Girl.

When asked by Ben Lyons, "Who makes a better Bond girl: Rihanna or Beyonce?", Daniel chose the sexy basian singer over the Crazy In Love singer.

After a slight hestitation he answered, "Rihanna, I think."

Why you ask? Well according to Daniel, "She's dirtier."

Rihanna was very happy about this news as she tweeted, "Daniel Craig Says Rihanna Would Be An Ideal Bond Girl.. this makes me happy :)"

Last week Rihanna admitted that Beyonce's beauty was a "stab to my self esteem"

We bet this made her feel a lot better!

2. Robbie Williams: "Jessie J won't last"

Robbie Williams has decided to reveal the fact he doesn't think Jessie J won't be a popular singer for too long.

Speaking to a Dutch TV show, the former Take That star believes that the Do It Like A Dude hitmaker only has 18 months left in the music industry.

Robbie rerpotedly said, "She's not gonna last for very long, though, is she? She's great, Jessie. I give her 18 months."

Ouch, they won't be dueting anytime soon then!

3. Peaches Geldof pregnant with second child

Peaches Geldof is expecting her second child with husband Tom Cohen. The 23-year-old daughter of Sir Bob Geldof is three-and-a-half months pregnant with another baby boy.

The couple have even picked out a name for him, Phaedra, which is said to have been inspired by an ancient Greek play and one of the couple's favourite songs.

Speaking to a British gossip magazine, she said: "I did have a momentary panic and go, 'Oh my God, we're going to have a one-year-old and a one-month-old! How will we cope?

"Tom was so supportive and relaxed, it banished my doubts and I started imagining the two boys growing up together as the best of friends. There are massive benefits to having two children so close together.

"I may be only 23 and the only one of our friends who's married, got a baby on the way and is on the verge of moving to Surrey, but it's a life I always dreamed of and I couldn't be happier."

Geldof was told she would never be able to have children after suffering from polycystic ovaries before her first child was born.

Congratulations Peaches and Tom!
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