adidas by Stella McCartney launches new innovative ethical gear

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Feel even more virtuous at the gym with a DryDye t-shirt that's kind on the earth

Stella McCartney Adidas eco t-shirt

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adidas by Stella McCartney have produced an ethically conscious t-shirt, made using a first of its kind water free process called DryDye.

The equivalent amount of water to that in the Mediterranean Sea is used every two years in the dying and production of clothing around the world.

So the green designer has decided to do something about it by producing this unique t-shirt in her sportswear partnership with Adidas.

DryDye is an innovative technology that uses pressurised CO2 instead of water to dye garments.

This radical new water free process aims to raise awareness and pledge support for the sustainable production of garments using DryDye.

The designer said, "it's been incredibly exciting for me to work with and have access to this amazing new technology that uses no water at all in the process.

The sustainable message behind it is very important to me and I hope to work with it more in the future" explained Stella McCartney.

T-shirt, £39, available on and adidas by Stella McCartney, Fulham Road, London

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