INTERVIEW: Fearne Cotton talks make-up and shares her Christmas party tips

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We chat to the lady herself as she launches her new beauty range with Boots...

Fearne Cotton Cosomo Awards 2012

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Fearne Cotton is known for her quirky fashion and beauty style and being pregnant hasn't stopped her looking effortlessly chic.

The Radio One DJ has a fashion collection, regularly hosts events, does her day job and she's still found time to launch another stunning Christmas gift range exclusively for Boots.

With her maternity leave just weeks away, we chatted to the fabulous mum-to-be and got her to share some of her Christmas party tips.

Read the full interview below…

Can you tell us a bit about your new collection?

The collection has expanded a lot since last year. The last toiletry set we did went down really well so we've added a lot more into this collection.

With each collection we like to try and do something different and see how the Boots customer reacts to it, if they like it then we make sure we incorporate more of it into the next range.

With the new toiletries I was able to have fun and play around with different scents before I chose an earthy vanilla scent which I hope people will really like.

You've been super busy lately, how did you find the time to really put your mark on it?

I think people are smart, they know when you've just put your name to something and you've just agreed to be the face of a brand.

I don't become a part of something unless I know I can be fully involved in it. I'm so lucky that a company like Boots lets me be a part of it all every step of the way, right from the first meetings where we all come up with initial ideas.

We worked on everything right down to the packaging. It has a lot of lace inspiration and floral patterns so that's really fun.

Do you think that's why the collections have done so well?

I like to think so. It's really nice for me on Christmas day, when I go on Twitter and I'll have lots of tweets from someone who has got something from my collection as a Christmas present and they'll say how much they really like it.

It's great to get that kind of feedback.

If we could only buy one thing – what's your stand-out piece?

Well I'm obsessed with nails. I actually can't even remember the last time I saw my nails not coloured!

I have a nail kit in the range and it comes with 6 different shades. I'm actually wearing three of them now, I'm wearing the black, gold and a shimmery one at the moment.

I would recommend the nail set or the travel beauty set because it's got everything. It's got eye shadows, a lipstick, blusher and it comes with this great travel mirror as well. It has everything you need if you're getting ready for a party.

There's lots of great little sets in the collection but also the bigger travel and party sets as well so it's hard to just pick one.

Party season is round the corner – any tips for us on creating an awesome party look?

I love having a bit of sparkle for a party and I've got this lovely shimmery eye shadow set to help you create the perfect statement eyes for a party look. There's four different shades so you can get the perfect look with any of them. Plus it comes with a really handy base stick to really bring the colours out.

You're used to early mornings, how do you manage to look fresh-faced after a late night?

I have to admit I don't have many late nights any more at the moment but I do still have to be up really early. Honestly, I just whack on some red lippie and shades and hide it that way.

But I think some red lipstick, or any good lip colour and sunglasses are my perfect go to items for an early morning.

If you only had five minutes to get ready for a night out, what would your go-to beauty items be?

Have to say red lippie again, eyeliner is a must. And some mascara as well. You can't go wrong if you have some lippie and eyeliner.

Is there a specific fashion trend you'll be trying at parties this Xmas?

Obviously my body is a little bit different this Christmas so I'll just be going for something I feel comfortable wearing. I don't really like maternity clothes so I've just been shopping for things I like in bigger sizes.

But for me, Christmas is all about being dressed up and looking glam. I love wearing something glitzy and shimmery but this year I'll probably just be in my pyjamas.

Xmas parties can be pretty awkward social situations – arrg – what's your major Don't Do?

You know what, when it comes to Christmas parties I don't think we should have any rules. You work so hard all year so the Christmas party is the only time you can really go for it. Dress up and get pissed and just enjoy yourself. Don't worry about any rules.

Fearne's new gift packs of Fearne Cotton make up are available in Boots stores nationwide.

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