Miley Cyrus completes new look with statement red lipstick

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Miley puts the finishing touches to her style overhaul with a bold lip colour...

Miley Cyrus completes new look with statement red lipstick
Miley Cyrus scored a place in Twitter's Trending Topics this week after she shocked fans with a drastic new hairdo.

Now it seems the Disney star can't stop sharing snaps of her new look after a string of self-taken pics quickly followed. Her max so far stands at five pics in one day!

To match her punky 'do, Miley has been embracing a rebellious red lip, which she was also keen to show off to the Twittersphere.

Posting a picture of her red pout and uber-long lash combo, she wrote: "self love is the greatest of all flatterers."

Miley then ditched the bold look, along with her clothes, as she shared a snap of herself in bed, make-up free and wearing just gold jewellery.

The statement red lip is a small part of this lady's major makeover - just look at her Doc Marten and denim shorts ensemble.

We think she's working the red lippy pretty well, but has her new look won you over yet?
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