HAIR HOW-TO: Kate Middleton's chic chignon

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It can be tricky, but once you get the hang of the chic chignon, glamourous hair is yours for eternity!

Kate Middleton dove grey dress
When Kate Middleton stepped out earlier this week with her normally flowing locks wrapped into a chic chignon, we knew were about to get very busy on the hair front!

Smart, glamorous and easily elegant, the low up-do added a fabulosuly polished finish to Kate's look, and left us eager to try the style on our own tresses.

So here we go, the chic chignon, a la Kate Middleton...

STEP 1: Give your hair some volume and texture by spritzing on a lifting spray such as the Charles Worthington Front Row Volume Blow Dry Spray, £5.49, while drying your locks.

STEP 2: Separate your dry hair into three sections - the first being mid-way to the ear, the second up to the crown of the head, with the third being the remaining strands - then secure the bottom section into a pony.

STEP 3: Tease and gently roughen the pony to create some volume, before wrapping it into a bun and securing with kirby grips.

STEP 4: Then, split the second section of your hair (at the crown) into two pieces with a diagonal parting.

STEP 5: Wrap these two pieces around your bun, with each going in an opposite direction.

STEP 6: Then, twist the front pieces of your hair (loosely for a relaxed touch, tightly for super chic) and wrap them around the chignon before pinning to secure.

NOTE: When pinning your kirby grips at the top of your head, make sure you push upwards rather than down, as it helps to create volume at the crown.

STEP 7: Finish off with a strong hold hairspray to keep your hardwork in place - we're loving the Charles Worthington Front Row Forever Lasting Hairspray, £5.49, for hair that ain't going nowhere!
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