Charles Worthington backstage at Erdem

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Marc Trinder, Creative Manager at Charles Worthington, was backstage at Erdem

Charles Worthington Erdem
Marc Trinder, Creative Manager at Charles Worthington, was backstage at Erdem

Working with Erdem is such a privilege, myself and my entire team really look forward to creating looks for such a well know name in the fashion industry, this is our 11th season backstage with Erdem and we really work so well together.

We arrive at The White Cube gallery in Bermondsey, London at 11am, 3 hours before show time. The venue is so cool, modern and minimal, it seems the perfect setting to launch the new collection which I felt had a totally futuristic quality to it.

The brief was to create a look which reflected this, so we wanted the hair to look super luxe, healthy, shiny, clean and minimal. There was a strong architectural reference throughout the collection which was apparent in the building, so the hair had to mirror this, so we kept it very symmetrical.

Strong centre partings was key, and we swept the models locks into low slung pony tails, securing with small cute bows at the nape of the neck. The bows add to the architectural influence by keeping the hair contained and neat, whilst adding a soft feminine quality to the hairstyle.

We had 27 models to perfect, so there was no time for mistakes. It makes our practice session the day before the show worthwhile so the entire team can crack on with creating the looks in no time at all.

Once the girls are backstage in the line up, I am there to add finishing touches and ensure each girl looks flawless, there shouldn't be a flyaway or strand out of place. Consistency is key for a successful show.

The buzz backstage is electric and the room bursts into applause as soon as the final parade begins.

Want to get this look? See our step-by-step guide from Marc Trinder himself.

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