London Fashion Week 2011 backstage blogs - Charles Worthington for Erdem

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Marc Trinder Head Stylist for Charles Worthington Art Team blogs exclusively for from backstage at the Erdem show.

Marc Trinder Head Stylist for Charles Worthington Art Team blogs exclusively for from backstage at the Erdem showHaving worked with Erdem for 10 seasons, we've built a strong understanding of the designer's tastes; however the anticipation leading up to the hair test pre shows is incredibly exciting and inspiring.Before the test shoot, I have no idea what to expect before I see the collection for the first time, and don't know what hair the stylist and designer will have in mind.The first time I saw Erdem's collection was at the hair test, the week of the show.  We had an initial pre-test chat the week before, where I was given a brief and we spoke about his inspiration behind the range.  For this collection the brief was that the 'Erdem girl' was now in the mood for love.  The look was romantic and beautiful, but not too girly.Monday 19th Sept: At 10am, we met at the Percy Street salon where we packed up the kit bags and briefed the team for the last time.  By 10.45 am we are at the venue - what could be grander than The Savoy Hotel! The atmosphere backstage is always electric.The start seems slow and relaxed, then before you know it there are 20 girls turning up at once, some from previous shows with their hair styled, some just ready to go. The team work hard to get as many looks done before the walk through, as after that we only have enough time for finishing touches.The hair this season saw the creation of a relaxed yet chic pony tail.  The preciseness and positioning was extremely important, as was the hair texture, in order to create that effortless look.We blow-dried the hair with Front Row Blowdry Spray in the roots and then we applied Front Row Heat Defence Spray onto the mid-lengths.  This was then smoothed through - paying special attention to the roots, keeping them flat and making sure the hair was off the face.

After the hair was dry we used long pieces of elastic to secure a high ponytail.  We measured this by using two fingers' width (approximately 1 inch) down from the highest part of the crown. Finally, we used a large tong and divided the ponytail into three or four sections, curling the ends slightly to create a curl. I sprayed the Front Row Forever Lasting Hairspray, into my finger tips and fluffed the hairline slightly to create a delicate veil of flyaways; giving a softness to the polished look.Backstage was full of people buzzing around including photographers, film crews, and large groups of journalists who I gave interviews to in between hair styling.Seeing 30 girls in their outfits, with hair, make-up and skin in unison, is the most striking sight of the day.  The hustle and bustle of last minute touch-ups as the models wait for the guests to take their last seats contrasts immediately to the silence of the room as the show music starts. Suddenly it's so tranquil backstage you can hear a pin drop. Within what seems seconds the show is over, and the room erupts into a loud applause.I'm always sad packing the kit bags away, as you're suddenly plunged into calmness. From the excitement of the show we make our way back to the salon to prepare for what tomorrow's show may bring...

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