Kate Middleton's hairdresser speaks!

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In an effort to discover Kate's hair secrets we interviewed Richard Ward of Richard Ward Hair Salon and Metrospa, where the Duchess goes to get her hair done.

Richard Ward Kate Middleton
Hairdresser and salon owner Richard Ward is undoubtedly the most in-demand celebrity hairdresser of the moment, thanks to two of his most famous clients, Kate and Pippa Middleton. His award-winning hair salon and spa, the Richard Ward Salon and Metrospa, is one of London's celebrity hang-outs, where the rich and famous go for everything from big hair blow-dries to self-tanning treatments. We're dying to know the secret to Kate's glossy mane, so we asked him to spill the beans on what our royal hotness likes to do with her hair.How long have the Middleton's been visiting the salon?

"As a family they have been visiting the salon for around seven or eight years and stylist James Pryce became the family's hairdresser around four years ago."In your opinion what hairstyle suits the Duchess of Cambridge best?

"I love Kate with her current hairstyle. She wears long hair really well and it suits her face shape perfectly. Many girls love long hair but it's important to have a shape cut into it so it's flattering and pulls your features together. The Duchess also has that 'swish' factor going on which is so on-trend right now."Why has the Duchess of Cambridge become such a big hair icon?

"I think it's because she's kept it real and girls can relate to her. The Duchess's hair is healthy, glossy and she loves to wear it down - like so many girls.  Also, by wearing high street dresses, she is creating a really attainable look."What makes iconic hair?

"Being photographed and appearing in the world's media is a start! Plus, Kate Middleton's hair is natural, achievable and looks really healthy and glossy - it's the sort of hair we all want.  A hairstyle also becomes iconic when hairdressers around the world are being asked for 'the Kate' or 'the Jennifer' (as in Jennifer Aniston's iconic hairstyle). This is what creates an iconic hairstyle."What three things can women do to get hair like Kate Middleton?

"You need to invest in a set of heated or Velcro rollers, a good round bristle brush, and take your time. It's all in the preparation and getting the foundation right.  Ensure each section of the hair is fully dry before moving to the next stage, otherwise it will just frizz. Don't overload your hair with products - one for styling and one for finishing are sufficient."If you could do anything to the Duchess of Cambridge's hair, what would you do?

"As a hairdresser we all love to show off our cutting skills, so I'd love to create a shorter style. But to be honest, Kate has a hairstyle that she feels comfortable in, she looks amazing, and that really comes through when you meet her."

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