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We review the new hair extension service at House of Fraser.

There comes a point in every short-haired girl's life when they dream of long luscious locks, and I'm certainly no exception. In need of a confidence boost I agreed to try the new Weave Got Style hair extensions at House of Fraser which are applied in a speedy 60 minutes. Having previously shyed away from extensions after horror stories of damaged hair, glue and messy joins I was taken in by the fact that these hair extensions are weaved into your own hair rather than glued (that's right a snip of the thread and they're out). Small plaits are made along your lower crown and then the hair extensions - to match your hair colour- are stitched into the plait and cut to suit your hair shape.

Getting the right colour was my main worry as I've spent years dyeing my hair with a mix of light and dark blonde shades but I was assured this wasn't a problem. And I was right, the girls at Weave Got Style have a whole heap of mixed blonde shades which they expertly weaved into my natural hair to leave me with realistic looking extensions. Granted the first nights sleep was a bit tricky - the joins in the plait are tight and quite uncomfortable - but once it settles and loosens slightly you don't even realise you have them in. Everyone in the office including my friends and family thought they looked great even if I did have to get over the fear of feeling fake and 'waggy' at first, they certainly didn't look it. Going from a fairly blunt long bob to long wavy hair has taken some getting used to but it's definitely worth it for a style overhaul, confidence boost and for me, just the fact I can now do that darn one-shouldered Alexander Wang plait I've been dreaming of all summer long!

My top tips:

If you have hair extensions invest in a Tangle Teezer brush to keep your extensions smooth and glossy without pulling on the joins. DON'T use a roll brush whatever you do! I got mine from Topshop to they are easy to fine on the high street.

Put olive oil on the mid-lengths and ends of your extensions once a week to totally revive them. Mine were getting a bit tatty and after adding the oil, relaxing for two hours and then washing off, they were good as new.
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