Straight off the catwalk: The Hunger Games Catching Fire costumes and make-up

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From candy coloured hair to braids galore, Jennifer Lawrence and the like give you taste of catwalk glamour you wouldn't expect

peeta, effie and katniss - hunger games cathcing fire - captial party -

© Lionsgate

We watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and, as much as we loved all the action and Jennifer Lawrence being very hardcore, we were also a bit distracted by all the hair and make-up.

Not to mention the costumes when they made appearances in the Capital.

There was Candy floss coloured hair from eccentric Effie and talk show host Caesar.

effie - hunger games catching fire - pink hair -

© Lionsgate

catwalk pink hair trend - pastel -

Not only that, we couldn't help but notice a particular eyebrow trend we've spotted on the runways.

Stanley Tucci's character was sporting some serious purple eyebrows, which reminded us of Chanel a few years back and Pearce Fionda for SS14.

stanley tucci - caeser - purple eyebrows - hunger games catching fire -

© Lionsgate

SS14 - Pearce Fionda- catwalk - purple eyebrows -

© Pearce Fionda

If that wasn't enough there's the array of braids our heroine Katniss rocks throughout.

If you're a fan of a plait, you're going to want to take notes during this film.

The Presidents daughter even starts wearing her hair in the super-plait. It's that good.

katniss and prim - hunger games catching fire - braids - hair - hug

© Lionsgate

Hair at Dolce & Gabbana SS14 MFW

© Instagram / Dolce & Gabbana

Another more daring look was Jen Law's very red eye shadow - reminiscent of Gucci AW13.

Also, we don't want to go on but, take a look at that hair.

We thinks we see another braid.

peeta, effie and katniss - hunger games cathcing fire - captial party -

© Lionsgate

Gucci - red eye shadow - hunger games catching fire - inspiration - jennifer lawrence -

© Imaxtree

And, not exactly beauty but, we have to give a shout out to the amazing dresses - one of which was an actual Alexander McQueen beauty.

peeta, effie and katniss - hunger games catching fire - tour - alexander mcqueen dress

© Lionsgate



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