HOW TO: Become a freelance makeup artist with AOFM London (Part 2)

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Dream of becoming a makeup artist? Here's what happens when you enrol with AOFM makeup academy...

AOFM Total Pro hair Course

© Amy Lewis

These days, being a makeup artsist who just does makeup isn't enough. Which is why AOFM London have included both hair styling and nail modules in their Total Pro course.

If you've just joined us, here's the story so far; Like so many, I've always dreamed of becoming a professional MUA. So I've jumped at the chance to enrol at AOFM London (Academy of Freelance Makeup Artists) to find out just what it takes.

After two intensive weeks of makeup, the Total Pro Course has now led me onto hair. Which has been every bit as raising as you might imagine!

So back to the now.

I love hair. But styling? My experience has been haphazard to say the least.

With budget cuts the industry-over however, along with ever increasing client expectations and short turn-around times on shoots, it's highly recommended that as a makeup artist, you bring at least basic quaffing skills.

Cue Day 1 of hair with Oscar Alexander, hair perfectionist and internationally published genius. Starting with the basics, Oscar got us sectioning hair into clean lines (stray strands be gone!) before blowdrying volume into each other's locks.

Simple yes, but proper technique really shouldn't be forsaken.

The week then progressed on to wet and dry sets with rollers, before Jan Prezemyk (a godfather among session stylists) took over with the fundamentals behind glamorous up dos, bridal hair and period looks.

Think you know how to tong hair? Forget it. There's a 'way' only the pros know and once you've got it down, awesomely BIG tresses and chic waves really are yours. Thanks Jan!

AOFM Total Pro hair Course

© Amy Lewis/AOFM London Twitter

AOFM LONDON: Getting to grips with heat styling, braiding techniques, rollers and team challenges

After a trip down memory lane with hair from the decades (Brigitte Bardot, Dita Von Teese and Farrah Fawcett were key looks for me), Fabio Vivian took over for all things fashion and catwalk.

Fresh from the Chanel show at Paris Couture Week, Fabio had us working in teams to recreate that on-the-clock backstage feeling (ever backcombed as a trio?), before helping us get more experimental to round off the week.

So can I do hair now? I actually can, yes!

Though I probably won't be winning any hairdresser of the year awards, I can certainly get your hair looking ship-shape and doing exactly what we want it to. Kate Middleton waves anyone? Victory rolls? Rope braid? Ah such fun...

Next up is Nail Week and Airbrushing, so keep an eye out for updates!

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