Are you part of the Olympic baby boom?

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Last summer's feel good factor leads to more babies being born in spring 2013

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The feel-good factor generated by last summer's Olympic and Paralympic Games will lead to a baby boom and a surge in Olympic-inspired baby names in 2013, according to the parenting and pregnancy website BabyCentre.

Stats from the BabyCentre website for the last six months of 2012, showed a 15% increase in women in the early stages of pregnancy signing up to the website in August and September, the period directly after the games.

Year-on-year figures also showed that August and September registrations were up nearly 30% in 2012 compared to 2011.

Experts have also predicted that the Olympic baby boom will have an impact on the names parents chose for their babies this year.

Jessica, Bradley and Ellie are just some of the most popular olympian names being considered by expectant parents.

As Boris Johnson said back in August 2012 'Not only have our Olympians inspired a generation, but it looks like they've helped to create one too!.'

Of the mums surveyed by BabyCentre, 90% said that they expected to see an increase in Olympic-inspired baby names this year.

This Olympic baby boom is set to come shortly after the boom generated by the royal wedding resulting in many babies being born this spring.

Will you be choosing an olympian inspired name for your baby?

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