Busy Rochelle Humes juggles pregnancy and touring with the Saturdays

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The young mum-to-be heads to the US

Rochelle and Marvin Humes

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Busy Rochelle is having to juggle her first pregnancy and her whirlwind US takeover with The Saturdays.

The young star kept husband Marvin Humes by her side as she and her fellow bandmates headed to New York on Tuesday.

The girl group are continuing with their promotional tour, despite Rochelle's growing bump.

Even though they've just been on their honeymoon, it seems that JLS star Marvin doesn't want to let his wife out of his sight. They were seen walking arm-in-arm through JFK airport as Rochelle showed off her tiny bump in a tight grey jumper.

Rochelle is the second of the group to have a baby, fellow bandmate Una Healy gave birth to her little girl, Aoife Belle, in March last year.

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