Such a wonderful feeling after the first scan

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We saw our baby moving, jumping and even touching nose with a tiny hand.

Blogger Galina Bragina Agintiene with her partner
It's week 14 of my pregnancy and I feel amazing! My sickness nearly gone and I don't feel so tired any more.

This week I had my scan and we saw our baby for the first time. Such a wonderful feeling to see how baby is moving, jumping and even touching nose with a tiny hand.

After the scan we announced our pregnancy to family, friends and our children. It's important for our kids to know everything: how big the baby is, the due date, whether it's a girl or boy, how the baby will arrive and thousands of other questions that are on their mind.

This week I started to look around for maternity clothes as mine are getting a little tight. We live in small town where you can't get any maternity clothes so I went online. I don't really like to shop for clothes online because they will never fit perfectly and I can't try on different sizes or styles as I would do in the shop. But we are so busy at the moment and can't find time for shopping trip in the city. Hopefully in the near future we will find the time and my growing bump will be beautifully dressed!

I always try to eat healthy but can't resist sweet stuff: chocolate, biscuits and cakes. But now I'm pregnant, I try to swap them with raisins, nuts and bananas. I'm trying to eat more salads and vegetables than usual and snacking on fruit.

The only concern I have about my lifestyle is lack of exercise. I haven't got too much spare time but always try to go for a walk when I can. The evenings will become longer soon so I could go for an evening walks with my family.

In the next couple of months I need to make a list of things baby will need. And then – shopping time!

Galina is 32 years old and is due to give birth in August 2013. She's married and has 2 children aged 6 and 4.

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