Keep your memories safe and start a pregnancy scrapbook

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Check out these ideas for a fun way to keep record of your special nine months

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Pregnancy is an exciting time and something that you'll never forget. A fun way to keep your memories forever is to start your own pregnancy record.

If you're always online...

Start up a blog about your pregnancy. You can include diary style entries and share them with friends, family and other mums-to-be online.

Depending on how many visitors you get to your blog you might be able to make a small profit. Some bloggers even get product samples sent to them for review.

If you love to craft...

Get creative with your cutting and sticking. Collage photographs of you and your partner and copies of your scans along with diary entries and notes. You could even dedicate a page or two to brainstorming ideas for baby's name or nursery.

If you're into photography...
Take a snap of your bump each week and watch it grow! You could put the pictures into a flick book or even make them into a video.

If you can't stop talking...

Make some voice recordings or keep a video diary about your pregnancy. You might want to share your thoughts online or just keep your recordings personal. Either way, it's good to talk!

Keep a track of your healthy diet

You'll be surprised at what will make you smile when you look back at your memories. Even writing a healthy food diary will bring back fond memories of your pregnancy.

Once baby is born you could even continue keeping your record and track your baby's first year. Record important milestones such as baby's first smile, first tooth and first steps. Pictures and notes can all be kept and bought out in years to come.

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