I'm pregnant! Time to improve my diet...

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Who knew folic acid is so important in pregnancy?

Mummy blogger Polly Walker and partner
I first discovered I was pregnant after a busy week at work, I wasn't feeling myself and decided to take a test to put my mind at rest…

I was extremely nervous and the 3 minute wait for the result seemed like a lifetime! I studied my watch and with a deep breath checked the result… low and behold I was pregnant!

Everything confirmed by the doctor and the news finally sinking in, I decided to share this with my closest family members and looked into improving my diet...first step was to take some folic acid tablets.

After the initial meeting with the midwife I was advised to take special vitamins for pregnancy. They normally include folic acid along with other vitamins and minerals and are available on the high-street.

I haven't noticed many changes to my body yet.. apart from the occasional morning sickness and extreme tiredness…sleep is my new best friend : )

Kelly is 20 years old and is pregnant for the first time.

Follow Kelly's progress on The Pregnancy Diaries.

For more information on pregnancy health and advice go to www.nhs.uk/Start4Life

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