Meet mum to be: Galina Agintiene

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It's the third time Galina is pregnant. Follow her journey to motherhood...

Blogger Galina Agintiene for The Pregnacy Diaries
Galina is 32 years old and lives in Herefordshire with her husband and two children Simon, six, and Sophia, four.

She works as a playgroup assistant and loves making homemade cosmetics in her spare time such as home-made soaps for friends and family.

Galina is looking forward to sharing the news with Simon and Sophia after her first scan at the end of January. Despite finding both of her previous pregnancies fairly easy, this one has been slightly different. "The morning sickness has been terrible!"Galina says. "But I have been trying different foods to help with the nausea."

Follow Galina's progress on The Pregnancy Diaries.

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