Pregnant? The truth about stretch marks

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What you can do to help prevent those troublesome stretch marks

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The bane of practically every woman's pregnancy, stretch marks are narrow streaks of lines that develop on the surface of the skin and they occur when the skin is suddenly stretched.

80% of women will develop at least a few during pregnancy and typically they can appear on your tummy, breasts, bum and thighs.

Although they will often start of a reddish purple colour they do eventually fade to silvery white over time.

The lucky few that escape the perils of pregnancy unblemished, generally have skin that is more elastic. Women that maintain a healthy weight throughout pregnancy are also less likely to get stretch marks, so a nutritious diet and light exercise will help.

There are many products on the market claiming to prevent or reduce stretch marks with cocoa butter a favourite amongst mums-to-be. Some women even take to greasing themselves up with baby oil for the duration of their pregnancy.

Whilst there is no guarantee that you won't at least get a few red streaks, experts have said that moisturising and massaging the skin could help.

What are your top tips for keeping skin looking great?

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