Wardrobe essentials for any will-be mum

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A few good wardrobe staples will see you through your pregnancy in style

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Maternity wear doesn't have to be frumpy. Think like Fearne Cotton and simply adjust your personal look to accommodate your bump in style.

Something stretchy...

Leggings, jeggings, maternity jeans; basically anything with an elastic waistband and a bit of give. Shop around for different styles as you're going to have to put away your skinny jeans for at least a few months.

Something soft...
A few cotton t-shirts always come in handy and you don't have to go in the smock direction unless you really want to. Show off your bump in a long length fitted top or go for something more quirky like a baggy band t-shirt with rolled up sleeves.

Something sexy...
Having decent underwear will keep you feeling comfortable and sexy throughout your pregnancy. Now is not the time for tiny thongs and ill-fitting bras. Get measured during each trimester and buy bras to fit. Pick bright colours and patterns to stop things feeling too mumsy!

Something snuggly...
Pick a coat to keep you and your bump warm, avoid short jackets and opt for a longer length peacoat or mac. A coat with a seam just under the bust and an a-line will allow for bumpage and keep you covered up.

...and shoes!
A pair of soft ballet pumps work with most outfits and will allow some growth room for swollen feet! Comfy shoes don't have to be boring; try out plimsoles, loafers and flat ankle boots. If you live in high heels try wedges or platforms for a comfier alternative.

For more information on pregnancy health and advice go to www.nhs.uk/Start4Life
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