5 things to invest in before your baby is born

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Plan ahead and be prepared


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1. A pram/travel system

Many prams are now designed to convert from a lie-flat pram into a buggy meaning that they are good investments and can be used until your baby is walking. A travel system will comprise of a collapsible pram/pushchair chassis, a lie down padded pram/pushchair seat, and a car seat with the option for the car seat to slot onto the chassis in just a few clicks.

A travel system is the most convenient way to get out and about with your baby, especially if you live in a city as some of the more traditional prams can be very cumbersome.

Don't forget that it is against the law for a baby to travel in a vehicle without a car seat.

2. Nursery furniture

When it comes to buying nursery furniture there are some great deals and packages available but always bear in mind that your baby won't be tiny forever! Buy neutral pieces that will stand the test of time. For example: a cot that converts into a junior bed will last for up to five years.

Simple white and wooden items will always match, whether your nursery turns out to be pink or blue!

3. A play mat

You'll be surprised at how quickly your baby will really start to react to colours, lights and sounds. A play mat will amuse your baby and aid their development by giving them a space where they can wriggle around – even small babies need exercise! Most have detachable toys and rattles that can still be used once your baby is more mobile and the mats themselves are usually machine washable which, as most Mums know, is always very handy!

4. Nappies and wipes

This might seem obvious but don't underestimate how quickly you'll get through them! Throughout your third trimester, start stockpiling nappies and wipes.

Chuck a packet in with your grocery shopping each week and make sure you take advantage of the discount baby events often held at major supermarkets.

5. A baby first aid course

Not something that you really want to think about as a new Mum, but being prepared for accidents and emergencies will help you feel more at ease, especially during the first few months. St John's Ambulance provide courses offering training and advice, ranging from what to do if your baby is choking, right the way through to spotting signs of Meningitis.

They even provide a straightforward booklet on first aid for babies and children which you can have sent to your address in exchange for a small donation.

For more information on pregnancy health and advice go to www.nhs.uk/Start4Life
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