The importance of giving up alcohol when pregnant

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Switch your drink and give your baby the best possible start

Pregnant woman holding glass of red wine

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Remember that whatever your drink, your baby drinks too, so it's best to avoid alcohol altogether if you are pregnant or trying to conceive..

Your baby's liver doesn't even develop until the very end of your pregnancy, so even just a small amount of alcohol can be damaging.

Unwinding after a long day is important, particularly during pregnancy. If you're used to having a glass or two to de-stress, there are other ways to relax.

- Head out for a walk with your partner or friend

- Get stuck into your favourite magazine

- Watch a DVD

- Go for a swim at your local pool

- Get a relaxing massage from your partner

- Have a bubble bath

- Listen to music

Just because you shouldn't drink alcohol doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a night out with your friends. Try some drink alternatives and substitute that glass of pinot for something bump-friendly. A 'Virgin' or alcohol-free cocktail is just as tasty!

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